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The Olivet Discourse, part 4

Shalom, everyone.

Okay, now, let's go into detail on this prophecy of our Master, Yeshua` haMashiach: We'll take a "sentence" at a time.

And Yeshua` went out, departing from the temple, and His students came to show Him the buildings of the temple.

In this sentence, we see that Yeshua` had been in the Temple and was now leaving the area where the sacrifices were made. His students - His disciples - decided to give Him a tour of the buildings of this Temple complex.

And as some were speaking about the temple that it was adorned [with] goodly stones and consecrated-gifts, and as he (was) departing out from the temple, one out of His students said to Him, “Teacher, see what stones and what buildings!”

Some were commenting about the huge stones and how they were decorated with gems and special commemorative plates referrencing the gifts benefactors had given, and someone commented, "Teacher, see what stones and buildings!" obviously impressed at the architecture.

And Yeshua`answering, said to him, “Do you see these huge buildings?"

I highlighted the word "him" because, at first, Yeshua` responded solely to the one impressed.

But He responding, also said to them, “Do y’all not see all these things? I confirm to you the days in which these things which ye are beholding will come, no, there shall surely not be left here a stone upon a stone that shall not -  surely notbe torn down!” 

Then, Yeshua` opened up His question to them all, and began His warning, telegraphing what they should expect regarding the Temple. It would all be torn down and not a stone would be left on a stone.

But He sat down upon the Har haZeitiym (the Mountain of the Olives).

Now, the scene has moved to the Mount of Olives to the east of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem). Some have suggested to me that they feel that Luke's account actually took place within the Temple, but that the accounts of Matthew and Mark took place on the Mount of Olives. However, if you consider the brown, green, and violet segments and how close the blue segments are to the red, orange, and gold segments, it makes better sense that Luke's account simply failed to mention the move to the Mount of Olives. There are just too many points of correlation between the accounts!

And as He was sitting upon the Har haZeitiym opposite the temple, the students, Kefa (Peter), Ya`acov (James), Yochanan (John) and Andreas (Andrew), approached Him privately saying,But, Teacher, tell us then - when shall these things be? And what [shall be] the sign of thy revealing? What shall be the sign when all these things are about to take place and the entire completion of the age?”

Now, we learn that Yeshua` was approached by the four main disciples, Peter, James, John, and Andrew, and He was asked privately when the events would take place, what the sign of His coming or "uncovering" would be, and what would be the sign that all these things would be about to take place as well as the final completion of the Age. Some who wish to separate the things Yeshua` said into answers regarding each of these separate questions, do so to allow for timing of events, such as the Rapture, out of the order in which the Messiah presented the information.

But Yeshua` answering, began to say and saying to them [all],Look out so that no one misleads you [and] ye be led astray! 

Notice that the words "to them" is in orange, and WHAT He said was mostly in brown. Therefore, He was not just talking to the four disciples who asked Him privately. He opened it up to all of His students, and His first words of warning on the Mountain were for them to pay attention so they would not be misled or led astray.

For many will come upon my authority when saying,I am the Messiah, and the time is drawn near,’ and they will mislead many.

His reason for their attention is because there would come many people as though with His authority and claiming to be the Messiah.

Therefore, don’t go with them, but when ye shall attend, ye shall hear of wars and reports of wars; discern clearly; don’t be frightened nor be-terrified [in the] commotion. 

Now, Yeshua` is expanding on the time of these deceptions. They would hear about wars and reports of wars. A war takes time to wage, and it takes time to supply. This is now much longer than a few months. He is talking about years of war and threats of war. Therefore, He is telling them not to let their guard down during that time.

It is necessary, for all these things must happen first, but the conclusion  is not immediately, not yet.”

Yeshua` took this scenario all the way to the conclusion of this Age in this sentence, but promised that the conclusion of the Age was not immediate when they experience these things.

Then He said to them,  “For nation shall awaken upon nation and kingdom upon kingdom, and there-shall-be famines and plagues, and there shall be huge earthquakes and troubles down various locations.

Then Yeshua` said to them all that they would see nation arise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. Again, these skirmishes and wars would take time. This is NOT a short amount of time, either! Furthermore, this is compounded with threats of famine, plagues, earthquakes, and other disturbances. Generally, these are not frequent occurrences but are sporadic and relatively infrequent. I believe that Yeshua` was looking down the corridors of time for the next 2000 years and telling them that, throughout that time period, they and future disciples would see these threats.

Also fearful sights and great signs shall be from [the] skies, but all these-things [are the] beginning of labor pains.

The implications here are that (1) there will also be things and indications from the skies, such as the asteroid pass tomorrow, and that (2) matters will become worse before they get better.

“But, you look out for yourselves! However before all these things, they will lay their hands upon you, and they will persecute [you], delivering [you] up.

So, His students were to take care of themselves by paying attention. Now, Yeshua` backed up and basically said that before all these things would happen, there would be some who would grab His students - arrest them - and persecute them, handing them over to the persecutors. Thus, this is now His second pass through the events of the future. The first pass was about general conditions throughout the two millennia coming. This second pass was about the persecution they would suffer through that time.

Then shall you be surrendered into pressure: For you shall be surrendered into sanhedrims, bringing [you into] prisons and into synagogues. Ye will be beaten, and ye will be brought before governors and kings and they shall kill you on account of my authority.

The order of escalation here is what is important. At first, pressure would be brought to bear. Then, they would be taken before the sanhedrims - the local justice system for each city. From there, they would taken to prisons - barely holes in the ground for safe-keeping - and/or hauled into the synagogues for public beatings. After this, events will escalate until members of their groups would be brought before governors (such as Herod or Pilate or Porcius Festus) and then kings (such as Agrippa and Caesar himself). Eventually, some of them would be killed on account of the Messianic authority of Yeshua`.

But, it shall turn out to you [to be] a testimony to them, and the good message must be proclaimed into all the Gentile nations first.

The nobility of their serene stand against their persecutors would speak for them, and the Good Message about the Kingdom, namely that their God would reign, and that this message had to be heralded (like a town cryer) into all the Goyim (Gentile, non-Jewish) nations first.

But when they may lead you away, delivering you up, do not rehearse nor premeditate what ye should say, but that whatever may be given to you in that hour, this speak. For ye are not they who speak but the Ruach haQodesh (the Holy Spirit/Wind). Therefore, calm your heart not to premeditate to make a defense.  For I will give you a mouth and a wisdom to which all those opposing you shall not be able to reply nor to resist.

Now, Yeshua` told them not to rehearse or plan their speech against their persecutors.

More to come...

In the Messiah's love,

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